Our Story

Real leather made by real people. That’s where our story begins. Two lifelong friends who wanted to create a quality product from start to finish—in a way the industry has never seen before. At Naked Boot and Shoe, we work every day to rejuvenate the leather industry. As craftsmen with over 30 years of experience, we curate our own quality leather products in vibrant colors you can’t get anywhere else.

Our Products

We make our own upper leathers in an all natural process, which is why they are so soft to the touch, and take almost no time to wear in. By incorporating genuine leather and the highest quality calf-skin leather linings, our boots and shoes become more comfortable over time giving our products a timeless appeal for both fashion and functional shoe enthusiasts.


Hand-crafted. Local. Affordable.

We own every step of the creation process to ensure our products are hand-crafted in environmentally sustainable natural processes—hence, the 100% Natural Grain Leather. This vertical integration sourcing strategy is the secret to our exclusive colors of leather and unbeatable prices.


Our Vision

Naked Boot and Shoe seeks to welcome every customer in as part of our family and to be nationally recognized for hand-crafting a high-quality product that leaves a lasting impact on our multi-generational customers, but not our earth. 


Our Values

Family. Sustainability. Philanthropy. Quality. Inclusivity. 



From our Founder 

At Naked Boot and Shoe, and NBS Leather Company we are grateful to be able to carry on with the great tradition of the Footwear and Leather Goods Industry in Saint Louis Missouri, where Americans have been Producing Quality Leather Footwear since the Founding of the City in 1764. 
And although Saint Louis will remain a key Hub in this ongoing Industrial march through the ages, the World’s International supply chain also plays an important part of every Pair of Shoes’ journey from the Raw Material base in Asia,  all the way onto a Happy Customers foot in the Store in Webster Groves. 


At NBS Leather Company we own our vertically integrated supply chain and our Long Term vision is to use this leverage to bring back as many Good Jobs in every phase of the Business Cycle, whenever opportunity allows in the USA.  Everything from Design to the Production of a variety of Quality Leather Products.  We believe the City and the City’s Workforce still have their best days ahead, and we want to be a part of that bigger story. 


We very much subscribe to the motto, “Think Global, Act Local.” , when it comes to our Business and especially what we consider our Personal relationships with our Customers and the stake everyone has put into the effort. 


NBS is literally a World Wide collaboration that will evolve as the Industry grows and takes its twists and turns through this new age of Retail.  There are so many interesting things going on at all times, and we always welcome the Feedback from our Friends and Customers alike, about what might be a good idea to pursue.  Please feel free to contact us anytime with suggestions. 


Thanks for taking the time to read through this. Seize the Day!  


Regards ,

Jim Ferguson