Why is the brand called Naked?

Naked references the natural state of the materials that go into making our high quality leather goods. All of our shoes feature “naked” calf skin linings, which keep your feet nice, cool and odor free so the wearer’s feet are happy passengers. We only use high quality leather skins to craft our clothing, shoes and accessories without all of the extra chemicals so that the intrinsic, natural, naked beauty of the goods can be celebrated, imperfections and all.

What is the origin of the brand?

Naked Boot and Shoe was founded in 2017 by lifelong friends who wanted to create a quality product from start to finishin a way the industry has never seen before. The Naked Collection of clothing debuted for the Spring / Summer 2019 season.

What’s the environmental impact of the Naked brand?

Naked is LWG Certified, meaning we comply with all established efforts and protocol that promote sustainable environmental practices. The leather used to create all of our goods is considered byproduct of other industries that use animal products, meaning that we work to utilize existing materials in a meaningful way to avoid waste and promote sustainability.

Where are Nakeds’ products made?

Naked Boot & Shoe makes all footwear ethically in China using the most environmentally conscious processes. The Naked Collection of clothing is currently manufactured in St. Louis, MO by a highly skilled team of leather artisans.

How do I know what my size is?

Naked provides a comprehensive size guide here. In the case that pieces fit differently than our measurements listed on the size guide, the information will be listed directly on that items’ page. If you have a question, you can always contact us at customerservice@nakedbootandshoe.com. We’re happy to answer any questions!

What is the Naked Boot and Shoe return policy?

You can view our full return policy here https://nakedbootandshoe.com/return-policy.

I bought a Naked Collection piece in-store. Can I return it to your e-shop?

Naked Boot and Shoe’s online stock and that carried at our privately owned boutiques is completely separate from that of the local boutiques that carry our line. If you purchased in a Naked Boot and Shoe retail location, check out our return policy here https://nakedbootandshoe.com/return-policy. If you purchased at a different independent boutique, please contact the boutique where you bought the item to ask about their return policy.

Can I purchase a Naked piece in store?

Naked Boot and Shoe and the Naked Collectionare available at select edgy, local boutiques around the country as well as in our own stores. You can view our list of current stockists here https://nakedbootandshoe.com/women.

How can I sign up for Naked’s newsletter?

Sign up here https://nakedbootandshoe.com/login.php to be among the first to receive news about exclusive offers, sales and more!

Where can I findNaked on social media?

We’re on Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr!

What forms of payment do you accept?

Currently, Naked accepts Apple Pay, American Express, Mastercard, Discover, Visa &Paypal online.