Our Story

Real leather made by real people. That’s where our story begins. Two lifelong friends who wanted to create a quality product from start to finish—in a way the industry has never seen before. At Naked Boot and Shoe, we work every day to rejuvenate the leather industry. As craftsmen with over 30 years of experience, we curate our own quality leather products in vibrant colors you can’t get anywhere else.

Our Products

We make our own upper leathers in an all natural process, which is why they are so soft to the touch, and take almost no time to wear in. By incorporating genuine leather and the highest quality calf-skin leather linings, our boots and shoes become more comfortable over time giving our products a timeless appeal for both fashion and functional shoe enthusiasts.

Hand-crafted. Local. Affordable.

We own every step of the creation process to ensure our products are hand-crafted in environmentally sustainable natural processes—hence, the 100% Natural Grain Leather. This vertical integration sourcing strategy is the secret to our exclusive colors of leather and unbeatable prices.


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